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Элитные TIZEN-часы Samsung Gear S2 de Grisogono в золоте и бриллиантах

Samsung анонсировал совместный проект с de Grisogono, известным брэндом ювелирных люксовых изделий. Они создали лимитированную версию смарт-часов Samsung Gear S2, которые от оригинальной модели отличаются роскошным дизайном и высокой ценой.

Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono получили розовое золото во вращающийся ободок, более 100 чёрных и белых бриллиантов, а также браслет из кожи морского ската, - фирменного стиля часов de Grisogono. Последняя эластичная, мягкая, дышащая, имеет высокую износостойкость и долговечность, а также, в отличие от более традиционных кожаных ремешков, не боится воды. Технически это всё те же Gear S2, работающие на перспективной операционной платформе TIZEN, оснащённые эксклюзивными электронными циферблатами.

Лимитированная версия будет представлена на выставке Baseworld 2016, которая открывается сегодня, 17 марта 2016 года. Позже партия элитных смарт-часов попадёт на полки фирменных магазинов Samsung и de Grisogono.

Samsung Electronics announced their latest fashion collaboration with the renowned and glamorous jewelry and watchmaker, de GRISOGONO. The two iconic brands have come together to co-create the Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO – a limited-edition jewelry watch designed and sculpted in gold and precious jewels, boasting Samsung’s innovative Gear S2 technology.
The partnership between de GRISOGONO and Samsung goes far beyond mere co-branding and extends into authentic co-creation and design. Both brands combined their vision and unique aesthetic to co-create a limited-edition smartwatch that brings fashion and function together, while allowing you to express your personal style.
“The combination of style and substance is inherent in every Samsung device,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “This dynamic partnership builds on this heritage by merging Samsung’s barrier breaking technology with de GRISOGONO’s signature style to create a smartwatch as unique as the wearer.”
“de GRISOGONO has always been associated with daring products and a visionary approach to High Jewellery and watches,” said Fawaz Gruosi Founder and Creative Director, de GRISOGONO. “Designing a connected watch with Samsung has been an incredible experience for both brands. Samsung brought to the table the best and most intuitive technology, while de Grisogono brought its glamorous design and craftsmanship expertise. The resulting Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono clearly embodies all of our boldness in watch design and our jewellery savoir-faire, while maintaining all of Samsung’s technological capabilities and intuitive usage. This watch will take an honourable place alongside de GRISOGONO’s Meccanico, Otturatore and Occhio, as another of our brand’s revolutionary approaches to displaying time.”
The Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO channels inspiration from traditional jewelry and watchmaking, evoking the distinctive de GRISOGONO design heritage. The smartwatch is transformed into smart fashion with rose gold, over 100 black and white diamonds and a bracelet studded with de GRISOGONO’s signature galuchat. The diamond-set gold bezel turns freely around the dial, allowing consumers to access the Gear S2’s library of applications and features, including notifications, activity logs.
Dedicated to perfection, innovation and imagination, de GRISOGONO has spent the last 20 years creating a characteristic and distinguished style expressed through collections that have made a lasting impression on the watch and jewelry industry. The designer’s signature look blends glamour and artistry, and brings his bold vision to life. Both Samsung and de GRISOGONO share a barrier-breaking vision and cherish craftsmanship along with the beauty of design, thereby fueling the co-creation of the Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO and a partnership that further unites fashion and technology.
The Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO will be debuted at Baselworld 2016. This limited-edition smartwatch will be available for purchase starting this summer through both Samsung and de GRISOGONO’s retail channels.
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